• 19/4/2022

    Viewpoint – Kicking the bricks

    With the world continuing to peel back their travel restrictions, the prospect of international travel to both meet investors and for them to travel to inspect properties is hugely exciting and positive for the real estate investment management industry. While video calls and video tours were hugely efficient tools, it is time to ‘press the […]

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  • 6/4/2022

    Press Release – 90 North joins Principles for Responsible Investment

    90 North is delighted to announce that it has become a signatory to the United Nations supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). The PRI is an international global network of asset managers, owners and service providers working together to put responsible investment into practice. The principles aim to provide a framework for integrating environmental, social […]

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  • 21/3/2022

    Press Release – New Entrance for Cincinnati Children’s Headquarters

    90 North is delighted to announce the completion of a new entrance to Cincinnati Children’s headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, for which it is investment manager. This significant capital project included removal of a dated and dysfunctional covered porch and replacing it with a modern expansive metal and polycarbonate canopy for greater visual appeal. New LED […]

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  • 11/3/2022

    Viewpoint – If you build it, they will come

    Recent research published by Newmark on the US multifamily sector puts into numbers the extraordinary strength of this asset class at the moment, and helps to explain why many investors are switching their attention to developing such products from the ground up. I’d heard that competition for existing multifamily assets was intense, but the data […]

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  • 14/2/2022

    Press Release – Academy Investment Programme Predicted a First

    With university students having now returned after the holidays and starting to prepare for their end of year exams, the Academy Investment Programme of UK student accommodation is predicted a First. With just one room available out of 765 in the portfolio, this represents an occupancy rate of 99.9%. Comprising five properties in Dundee, Edinburgh, […]

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  • 19/1/2022

    Viewpoint – Real estate: Go lower or embrace risk

    Shariah compliant real estate investment has long been an established product offering for Islamic investment managers. Now more than ever, the allure of bricks and mortar runs deep, with investors seeking an attractive income component ahead of what can be achieved with other investments. Real estate suits Shariah compliant investing well with a genuine business […]

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  • 15/12/2021

    90 North’s 10th Anniversary

    While the pandemic prevented a single gathering of the global team, 90 North organised a series of events over the last couple of weeks to mark its 10th anniversary. After more than 18 months of video board meetings, the board members enjoyed an evening together in London’s Royal Automobile Club, 10 years to the day […]

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  • 9/12/2021

    Viewpoint – It pays to do good

    The shared values of environmental, social and governance investing and Shariah screening have long been recognized, but now research from Knight Frank provides evidence that doing more than the minimum is both ethically and financially beneficial. Knight Frank took a sample of 1,500 green-rated and unrated London office sales over the last decade. Its modelling […]

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  • 29/11/2021

    Press Release – Job Seekers Find a New Home in Kidderminster

    90 North is delighted to report that The Job Centre has taken the last remaining unit at Crossley Retail Park in Kidderminster. Currently being fitted out, it is due to open in the new year, providing a valuable resource to local residents and employers. This letting is the latest event in a run of success […]

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  • 23/11/2021

    Viewpoint – The REIT Stuff

    It has been four years since I last wrote about Islamic REITs, so it is long overdue a revisit, particularly with the level of activity in recent months. Saudi Arabia continues to dominate the headlines. Now five years since its REIT legislation was passed, there seems to be no let-up in activity, including Jadwa REIT […]

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