• 22/9/2021

    Viewpoint – US bounce-back bulls

    While there is no doubt that the US economy is bouncing back strongly, I caught up on two pieces of research this week which shared similar conclusions with respect to which cities are in full bullish recovery mode, and which may be lagging somewhat behind. The US is great for data, with CBRE amazingly (at […]

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  • 26/7/2021

    Viewpoint – Making an ESG impact

    UBS recently reported on the key findings from its Alternative Investments Conference’s panel discussion on how environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are positively changing real estate investment decisions. Under a report titled ‘How do real assets contribute to tomorrow’s world?’, UBS shared its key conclusions that there was clear investor appetite for sustainable real […]

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  • 12/5/2021

    Viewpoint – Buying offices with NEDS

    Just as 90 North, along with innumerable other companies, start making plans to return to the office, talk of the death of the sector has been rather overplayed. Large multinationals grab the headlines with their plans for remote working, and perhaps I’d be doing the same if I had their rent bill! But, as far […]

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  • 10/2/2021

    Viewpoint – Revisiting 2021

    In my eight years as the IFN Real Estate Correspondent, I have never felt the need to revisit my IFN Annual Guide — Real Estate chapter so early in the new year to confirm whether my predictions were still on track. But with January having passed by in a flash and with COVID-19 on the […]

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  • 6/1/2021

    Viewpoint – Real estate: An enduring appeal

    Shariah compliant real estate investment has long been an established product offering for Islamic investment managers. Perhaps now more than ever, the allure of bricks and mortar remains, as investors seek an attractive income component ahead of what can be achieved with other investments. Real estate suits Shariah compliant investing well with a genuine business […]

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  • 16/12/2020

    Viewpoint – Sustainable legacy

    I recently caught up with UBS’s Global Family Office Report 2020 which provided some fascinating conclusions with respect to how the world’s largest family offices responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and their future investment plans, particularly as they relate to both real estate and sustainable investing. Undertaken during the second quarter of 2020, UBS’s survey […]

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  • 11/11/2020

    Viewpoint – Putting the ‘real’ back into real estate

    I wrote last month on how sheds remain flavour of the month, or perhaps that should be flavour of the year, with most having in mind a shiny Amazon fulfilment center filled with automated activity. But I want to burst that bubble and make the case for good honest industrial properties that have been swept […]

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  • 8/10/2020

    Viewpoint – Beds, meds, sheds and TEDs

    Direct real estate investment is not a short-term game, with the transaction costs, not least from taxes, making short-term gains unlikely and encouraging at least a three- to five year hold, frequently considerably longer. And so, against a backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic and political uncertainty, those of us in the investment management world are […]

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  • 16/9/2020

    Viewpoint – Dodging distress in the new normal

    It was a different summer in many ways this year, including continued investor activity during a period when most would have been taking some time off overseas. However, there has still been a noticeable uptick in interest since the start of September, with both a realisation that the end of the year is fast approaching […]

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  • 10/9/2020

    Viewpoint – Dutch Office Technology Leading the Wellbeing Revolution

    Our Head of Continental Europe, Lisa Amin, shares her thoughts on Dutch offices and how they are leading the way in healthier more sustainable workspaces. We believe it is still too early to be certain about the long-term impact COVID-19 will have on the office sector and work behaviour; however it seems unlikely the new […]

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