• 13/12/2016

    Viewpoint – Oil-fueled Islamic Real Estate

    Whilst the link between the oil price and the propensity of Islamic investors to partake in global real estate investment isn’t as correlated as many would think, with the sovereign wealth funds investing such oil revenue being one of a wide range of investor groups, there is no doubt that a higher oil price helps. […]

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  • 25/10/2016

    Viewpoint – Never compromise on quality – the quality will remain long after the price is forgotten

    According to the Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index, the total value of negative yielding corporate and sovereign debt jumped to $11.6 trillion at the end of September 2016. With a total Index value of $48.0 trillion, approximately 25% of the Index is invested in the certainty of losing money if held to maturity. The motivation […]

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  • 19/10/2016

    Viewpoint – Coming off the gas?

    Real estate advisor CBRE recently released their latest annual ‘In & Out Middle East’ research report, which as ever made for interesting reading.

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  • 20/9/2016

    Viewpoint – Did anyone hear about the Empire State Building?

    With surprisingly little fanfare, the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) recently purchased a 9.9% stake in New York’s Empire State Building for a reported US$622 million. A not insignificant amount of money. While more accurately they bought a stake in the Empire State Realty Trust, which owns a total of 14 office properties and six retail properties in New York, the headline is the […]

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  • 2/9/2016

    Real Estate Capital – Middle East: Property appetite defies the slump in oil prices

    Despite lots of negative reports about the oil and gas industry, Middle Eastern investment in global real estate has held up well – with the US an increasing focus. Doug Morrison reports: Barely a day goes by without news of the fallout from the prolonged slump in oil prices, whether it is the latest round […]

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  • 30/8/2016

    Viewpoint – Brexit? What Brexit?

    This article serves as the last of my Brexit trilogy, which could be summarized as follows: ‘Brexit the brave?’ — The vote is going to be too close to call, but don’t worry, Islamic investors seem keen to still invest even if we vote to leave. ‘Brexit from 6,500 miles away’ — What just happened! We have voted to exit, but Malaysian Islamic investors […]

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  • 26/7/2016

    Viewpoint – Brexit from 6,500 Miles Away

    The shock of waking on Friday morning to find that the UK public had voted to leave the EU was compounded by the prospect of flying to Kuala Lumpur on the Sunday. Not that I dislike meeting our Islamic investors in Malaysia, quite the opposite, but I feared that the timing could not be worse […]

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  • 20/5/2016

    Viewpoint – Brexit the brave?

    I have a distinct sense of deja vu writing this article, for it was 21 months ago that I speculated on ‘Scotland the Brave?’ and what impact this could have on Muslim investors’appetite to acquire real estate north of the border. The result, of course, was Scotland remaining part of the UK, but it was […]

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  • 16/3/2016

    Viewpoint – US Real Estate Investment: The Next 240 Days

    Warren Buffett in his highly anticipated annual letter to his Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, published at the end of February, encouraged them to be optimistic, despite the best efforts from those on the presidential campaign trail to convince voters that the model for achieving the American Dream is broken. He stated that: “For 240 years it’s […]

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  • 12/2/2016

    Viewpoint – Keep calm and carry on

    What a start to the year, and not the one that many of us had hoped for or predicted. The geopolitical situation in the Middle East remains very troubling, with Islamic investors keener than ever to invest overseas. While the UK press is keen to highlight instances of Middle East sovereign wealth funds realizing profi […]

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