About Us

With 45 years’ combined real estate and finance experience, Founder Partners Philip Churchill and Nick Judd established 90 North in 2011 to give investors independent, ethical and results driven investment advice.

Our set-up gives us a global reach, with the agility to move quickly. Our team represents the best expertise in property, legal, tax and finance and works out of London, Chicago, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney. Internal expertise is complemented by strong enduring partnerships with external advisers, allowing us to deliver the complete solution investors require and the best risk-adjusted returns. With experience across a wide range of real estate assets (see our case studies) and strategies, we seek properties with both defensive qualities and opportunities to add value. Hands-on active asset management often enables an investment to outperform original projections.

Our investors are international organisations and those that value local insight and expertise in the selection, due diligence, structuring and execution of investment strategies. Frequently they have particular ethical criteria as well as commercial requirements. For example, delivering a Shari’ah compliant solution or one with social or environmental impact in mind. We deliver results under our promise of doing great business with a good conscience, believing that impeccable ethics and a responsible investment strategy make good business sense.

How We Work

Working in a careful and precise way allows us to make the right decisions. With an efficient process, we have agility and pragmatism to get transactions to completion.

  • A global perspective increases the choice and quality of the investment opportunities we can offer investors.
  • A careful screening process covers every aspect of the investment including the precise profile and use of the building, tenant quality, building age, obsolescence and sustainability. These factors are balanced with the objective of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns.
  • We’re well known for overcoming the kind of complexities that can often cause deals to fail. As our portfolio demonstrates, the 90 North team works with passion, persistence and perseverance to close transactions.
  • Independence gives us the agility to move quickly without being hampered by the obstacles and time delays that large institutions often face.
  • We structure the transaction in an efficient way while taking into account the ethical concerns of our investors see our approach to responsible investment.
  • A partnership approach with clear communication and complete openness is the best way to ensure the transaction is completed, and to everyone’s satisfaction. We continue this policy of openness throughout the lifetime of your investment.
  • Our Partners have the authority to make decisions without a long approval process so deals can be closed faster.
  • Proactive management of our assets improves their value and ensures high quality property management.


Formed in 2011, we’ve achieved an enormous amount. Our purpose is to continue identifying and offering investment opportunities that are ethically sound and commercially valuable.

November 2011

90 North Real Estate Partners LLP is established in Mayfair, London.

June 2012

We close our first transaction, the £46,000,000 acquisition of Parham Student Village, Canterbury.

December 2013

Our assets under management goes above £250,000,000.

April 2014

A US subsidiary is established with an office in downtown Chicago.

June 2014

First sale of L’Oreal logistics warehouse in Nottingham provides investors a 30% profit after just 18 months.

July 2014

The FBI Headquarters in Denver is acquired, marking our entry into US real estate market.

November 2014

The acquisition of a logistics warehouse in Oslo, Norway becomes our first Continental Europe transaction.

January 2015

Representative office opens in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

February 2015

Acquisition of Lenovo Server Headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina pushes total US acquisitions to more than 1,000,000 sq.ft.

June 2015

First Dutch acquisition of Siemens Headquarters property outside Amsterdam.

November 2015

German Primark deal breaks 90 North through the $1,000,000,000 mark.

January 2016

90 North closes two UK acquisitions for £65,000,000 within the first two weeks of 2016.

September 2016

90 North expands to new London offices at 91 Wimpole Street.

October 2016

We have 2,000,000 sq.ft. US office space under management and our assets under management exceed $1,500,000,000.

June 2017

Australian subsidiary is established with an office in downtown Sydney.

September 2017

We complete our fourth warehouse exit – a total of approx. €145,000,000.

December 2017

We acquire two additional student accommodation assets, taking total beds under management to over 2,200.

February 2018

We successfully execute our first transaction of 2018 – the disposition of our Lenovo HQ office campus in Raleigh, North Carolina for $135,300,000.

June 2018

We complete our first Australian acquisition, a Quest aparthotel in Greater Springfield, Brisbane.

October 2018

We complete our third UK purpose-built student accommodation acquisition of 2018, taking our total  acquired to over 2,700 beds.

March 2019

Acquisition of Mercedes-Benz HQ in Holland brings total Dutch office HQ acquisitions to more than 60,000 sq.m.


Headquartered in London, with offices in Chicago, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, global reach is one of our great strengths, together with local perspective and a dedication to responsible investment.


Responsible Investment

Responsible property investment is integral to doing profitable business with a good conscience.

We’ve committed to a strategy that ensures all investments are environmentally sound, socially responsible and appropriately governed. Ethical investing is part of our heritage, with many of our Partners having worked in environments where Shari’ah compliance is required.


We avoid acquiring properties where:

  • environmental issues have occurred or are likely to do so
  • the tenant’s activity is likely to damage the environment
  • tenants’ requirements for energy efficiencies can’t be met

We prefer to acquire properties that provide best-in-class accommodation, including buildings with:

  • “Excellent” or “Outstanding” rating from BREEAM in the UK
  • at least “Silver” LEED certified in the US.


We apply the following principles:

  • not acquiring properties where the tenant’s activity could have a negative social impact and be subject to adverse government intervention
  • frequently purchasing properties that have a positive social impact, including care homes and student accommodation
  • delivering accommodation that is fit for purpose
  • engaging in frequent tenant liaison to address any tenant issues or wishes
  • delivering a positive environment for people working at 90 North, encouraging personal development and responsibility.


We apply the following principles:

  • co-investing in all acquisitions unless requested not to by the investor, believing a clear alignment of interests is essential
  • aligning remuneration of our Partners to the performance of individual investments
  • where boards are established for the management of transactions, ensuring that the board members have the necessary skills to fulfil such a role
  • being totally transparent in all aspects of our business dealings
  • establishing shareholder agreements on transactions that are equitable to all participants