New Entrance for Cincinnati Children’s Headquarters

Press releases

90 North is delighted to announce the completion of a new entrance to Cincinnati Children’s headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, for which it is investment manager.

This significant capital project included removal of a dated and dysfunctional covered porch and replacing it with a modern expansive metal and polycarbonate canopy for greater visual appeal.

New LED lighting both to the canopy and within the lobby improved the energy efficiency, with new glazing also helping to brighten the entryway.

The comprehensive improvements also included under-slab sensors to provide a warning if underfoot ice may be forming, uprated stormwater systems, updated landscaping and removal of columns to provide more green space and open site lines, and installation of a backlit tenant sign as part of the renovated façade.

Craig Millspaugh, Asset Manager at 90 North said, “The new entrance is far more appropriate to Cincinnati Children’s position as one of the leading and most innovative children’s hospitals in the US. As well as visually improving the entrance to their headquarters it also delivers the tangible benefits of greater energy efficiency, more natural light and a safer drop-off and pick-up facility.